Wishing you a year of healing and self-discovery

The turning of the calendar is not just a change in dates; it’s an opportunity for reflection, growth and new beginnings. May 2024 be a year of positive transformations and personal triumphs.

Here’s to our journey together – using Dramatherapy and EMDR – to help navigate the twists and turns in life and to celebrate victories and learning from the challenges of life.

Best wishes,


Dramatherapist, EMDR Practitioner and Education Consultant.

Our latest articles


North East Arts Touring – A Unique Collaboration

North East Arts Touring (NEAT) is a Rural Touring Scheme that promotes professional theatre, dance and film screenings in rural venues across the North East of Scotland. It also offers well-being support for vulnerable people. 


Developmental Trauma Training for teachers

This year, I embarked on an online professional development programme from Beacon House. Inspired by the findings and clinical knowledge from this cutting edge research, I learned new skills in re-framing the behaviour of troubled children.